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Day 8 - Playa del Carmen

Written on: Saturday March 25th, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006

Hola everyone!

This morning we woke up to the sound of cats fighting beside our room. It was not exactly the sound we were expecting first thing in the morning. We quickly got dressed and had our complimentary breakfast of fresh, warm croissants and coffee.

We are located on Calle 2 which runs perpendicular to the beach and to Avenue 5 or la ?Quinta? as it is known here. It was an eye opener for us! Based on conversations with friends who have been to playa in the past years, we expected it to be a small, relaxed beach town with mostly backpackers and poor travellers like us. Instead itīs like Disneyland here! Lots of all-inclusive hotels, a 10 block long pedestrian mall of bikini shops, silver jewelry, knick knacks, fancy restaurants, trendy clothing stores, and american chains (McDonalds, LaCoste, Wal-mart!!, Blockbuster, etc.). Did the plane drop us off at the wrong place? Anyone looking for a condo or a timeshare? This is your place. I canīt imagine what Cancun would be like.

We spent the morning walking along the Quinta and the beaches. They are very nice here but are very crowded with throngs of tourists. Thereīs very little room to put down a towel unless you are willing to pay the 50 pesos a person for a beach chair at the little beach restaurants or hotels. The good part is that there is great people-watching here. We have seen just about everything now.

In the afternoon, we walked past the new ferry pier that is not open yet. We found a beach club called Mamitas with more beach space, a younger crowd, nice beach chairs (and double beds) and a DJ spinning the tunes while we relaxed and watched some great volleyball players play 2s. If anyone knows us, you know you can find us near a volleyball net.

In the evening, we managed to hook up with Kevinīs friend Sean OīConnor who speaks perfect spanish (OīConnor, spanish?). We got caught up on how things were going for him, had a few drinks, then went out for supper. I had the arrachera tacos and Kevin had the steak tacos. They were fantastic!

We were tired, so we bid him good night and made tentative plans to meet up the next day near the volleyball nets.