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Day 7 - Travel to Playa del Carmen

Written on: Friday March 24th, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


Today, we took the day easy. We woke up early in the morning for the last time in our nice little room in on Benito Juarez avenue. We will miss this room, it was cozy. We packed our bags quickly, we didnīt bring too much stuff with us so it didnīt take long.

We decided to have breakfast at the same restaurant where we had supper the night before. In the early morning, it was nice to watch the local families taking a swim at Playa Principal while the fisherman were returning with their daily catch. We arrived a little late to see them beach their boats and sell their catch. Supposedly, when they get close to shore, they speed up, lift their motor and beach their boat high on shore. Kevin and I shared a breakfast of a fruit salad with yogurt and granola and Enchilada con Queso with a spicy mole sauce. It was all good. We havenīt had anything bad yet!

After breakfast, we stopped off at the internet place to check our email and update the blog. It was Kevinīs sister Christineīs birthday today (36!) and we tried to send her a birthday card but the email address was wrong. So, if you are reading this Christine, happy birthday! Weīre still trying to book our last night in Mexico in Huatulco. We have not receive a reply back to our inquiry emails yet. Weīll continue to search, weīre not too worried, weīll find something.

We left for the aiport at 1:45 PM to catch our 3:05 PM flight to Mexico City. We got there just in time, there was a long line of people waiting to check in. There were 6 girls from the States trying to check-in before us and they all had their bags searched. I donīt know what the officials were searching for, but they didnīt seem to find anything.

We said our goodbyes to tante Annette and uncle Leo. We had a wonderful time with them!!! I really didnīt want to leave, I love the sleepy feeling of Puerto Escondido. If anyone is thinking of going there, do go! Thanks for having us!

Our flight was on time and we arrived to a cloudy and cold Mexico City. I was only in shorts and a tank top. I was freezing, I was still on pacific coast weather mode. I should have known better. Kevin was nice enough to lend me his shirt while we waited for our connecting flight to Cancun. Unfortunately, Kevin has caught tante Annetteīs cold (not mine!). He was feeling a little rough for the remainder of the day. Our flight to Cancun was delayed for 30 minutes, seems the pilots were late from another flights. We were on vacation time so we didnīt really care. There was one couple from the State who I guess were geting impatient. When the pilots finally arrived, the man clapped his hands and said something sarcastic to one of them. The last we saw of them, the flight attendants were denying them boarding. Oh well, what did they expect?

We landed in Cancun only 15 minutes late, got our bags (yes, they made it!!!) and got on the transfer bus to Playa del Carmen (80 pesos each). It was so simple and well organized. We slept during the 60 minute bus ride, we were tired by then and just wanted our bed. When we arrived in Playa del Carmen, I was a little surprised at how cold it was. They have been having lots of clouds lately, with a little bit of rain, so itīs not hot and muggy like it was in Puerto Escondido. Our hotel was only 1 1/2 blocks away from the bus terminal which was unexpected. We walked over quickly, checked in 5 minutes and was in bed within 15 minutes.