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Day 5 - Puerto Escondido

Written on: Wednesday March 22nd, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


It´s Thursday and we are almost done our portion of Puerto Escondido of our trip. How sad, it´s going by so fast!!

My cold is almost gone, but I´ve now managed to share it with tante Annette. She´s hoping the warm weather is going to help her get rid of it as quickly as possible. She was also bitten by some kind of insect last night and her eye is now swollen. We´ve given her some of our anti-histamine to help with the swelling.

In the morning, we returned to the internet cafe to finalise our flights at the cheapest price we could find. With last minute adjustments and specific flight selections the total price came to 900$, ouch! Oh well, this is all part of travelling. We´ve also booked our hotel in Playa del Carmen (Posada Sian Ka´an) for 38$ USD a night and in Puerta Vallarta (El Pescador) for 68$ USD a night. It´s some of the cheapest accomodations we could find at the last minute. Semana Santa (Easter week) is fast approaching and lots of the accomodations are starting to fill up quickly. This is one of the biggest holidays of year outside of Dia de la Muertes (Day of the Dead) in Mexico. We could have stayed at a couple of hostels for much cheaper, but Kevin wanted to make sure he had a private bathroom and just felt more comfortable in this type of accomodation.

In the afternoon, we went back to Carrizalillo beach to catch some rays. Our sunburns are almost gone and I plastered myself with 30 SPF to make sure that I don´t burn anymore. We love this beach, it´s so beautiful. The waves are big but gentle and you just let yourself float in and out all day. Compared to our cold canadian waters it would take days to get cold with blue lips. The water is the perfect temperature to cool off from the hot sun, but not cold enough to make you think twice about going in.

There´s a gentle swell that comes around the point that creates perfect waves for beginner surfers. Kevin rented a surfboard for 80 pesos for one hour and decided to go try it out for himself. I was interested too but felt too worn out from the sun and my cold to give it a real try. I´m going to try it tomorrow. He did wonderfully. On his third try, he got up and rode the wave for a while. He spent about 30 minutes in the water and got up twice. The waves come in, well erm, waves so you sometimes have to wait a while to get something decent to catch. After 30 minutes, he came back in exhausted but happy. All the paddling back and forth wore him out.

We stopped at the little restaurant close to the beach access called El Nene for a snack before supper. We had some more Taco del Bistec (Beef) and Taco del Pollo (Chicken) with Chips and Salsa and a couple of Coronas. Everything is so good here!

We´re falling in love with Puerto Escondido. We have not experienced the backpacking/traveller side of it necessarily since we are living in an apartment far removed from the traveller area, but are experiencing more how it would feel to live here day in and day out as a local. We could see ourselves living here full time and talk about starting a business or maybe buy a rental property. The weather is always nice (although we don´t know what it´s like during the rainy season), the people are very nice and patient (with my horrible spanish) and the food is great. There´s a great relaxed vibe that is lacking at home, it really does run at a different pace. The area we are in (Rinconada) is experiencing a bit of a construction boom and there are only a few lots remaining for sale with the prices starting at 68K USD and going up to 1MIL USD for a seafront lot. All the lots have ocean view since they are located on a cliff. It´s a lot of money, but if you have 1 or 2 rental properties that you can rent to snowbirds months at a time, the cost is minimized. Anyhow, we always want to move to wherever we visit? Vancouver, Paris, Tanzania, etc. Don´t worry mom!

We have not had access to a SD card reader yet so we are not able to post photos yet. Hopefully in Playa del Carmen we´ll have the ability to share some of the beauty we have seen.