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Day 4 - Puerto Escondido

Written on: Tuesday March 21st, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


Today (Wednesday), we took a day off from the sun to do some chores. My cold is getting better but my sunburn is making itīs presence felt today.

In the morning we went to the open market to stock up on fruits, vegetables, and bread. Everything possible is sold at the market. There are 2 or 3 aisles for fruits and vegetables, 1 aisle for the dark meats, 1 aisle for chicken and 1 aisle for fish. The other aisles are for flowers, beach accessories, pets (why went there are so many wandering without homes), knick knacks, shoes, etc. Kevin bought a huge papaya, some small mangos, and I got some grapefruit. My aunt and uncle got some potatoes, tomatoes, limes, and other vegetables. We then walked over to the fish aisle and bought 1 kilo of fresh fileted tuna steak for 8$. Everything is so cheap here. Some of the methods of food preservation is questionable to our Canadian eyes but it doesnīt seem to bother them so what the heck. We have been lucky and havenīt felt any reaction to food. My aunt is careful in washing the fruit and vegetables.

We also stopped at the Supermarket Ahorara to get the remaining articles that are not available at the market like milk, some red wine for Kevin. I was suprised at how well stocked their aisles are after hearing my aunt and uncle talking about some of the items they canīt find. I didnīt see anything missing from the aisles that I couldnīt live without.

We spent the remaining part of the day at the internet cafe trying to find the best deals possible for the next segment of our trip. The flights to Cancun and Puerta Vallarta are more expensive than we thought, so we wrote down what we could find on a few websites (expedia, travelocity and a couple mexican ones). The cheapest we managed to find was 750$ CDN each to fly to Cancun from Puerto Escondido, then Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, then Puerto Vallarta to Huatulco to catch our return flight. We also started scouting out cheap hotels in Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta. There were a couple of possibilities that we will follow up on tomorrow.

In the late afternoon, we stopped at the pool at the sister complex of our apartment. We met a couple of other canadian travellers from near Wakefield. Itīs a small world.

In the evening, we went to the Adoquin which is a pedestrian mall that is closed to car traffic at 6 PM every night. We walked along looking at the merchandise for sale, some pretty jewelry, clothes, tapestries, etc. We also stopped at a couple of local travel agencies to see if we could find a better deal on our flights, but neither could match the prices I had found with Travelocity. I was a little surprise, I would have thoguht they would have an in on the interflights with the local airlines. Oh well, certainly didnīt hurt to try. We also got to pratice our spanish. My spoken spanish is still pitiful but Iīm now understanding 90% of what is said to me. Kevin is much better than me at speaking. Glad I brought him along. ;)

For supper, we stopped at an Italian style restaurant (canīt remember the name). I found the prices a little expensive to other restaurants I had eaten at in the past couple of days. It was worth the price. I ordered meat lasagna and Kevin got the T-Bone steak. The steak melted in your mouth, it was like caramel. Yummy! Kevin thinks itīs one of the best steaks heīs had in his life. My lasagna was also excellent.

Thatīs it for for now.