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Day 3 - Puerto Escondido

Written on: Monday March 20th, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006

Hola Again!

This morning we woke up to the sound of birds in the palm trees outside our room. What a way to wake up. Much better than waking up and looking out to see another dump of snow on our car. Ha!

After a nice breakfast of fresh grapefruit, huevos, and toast we headed out for a day at Zicatela beach. This is the main beach in Puerto Escondido for surfing with itīs huge crashing wave. We got there around 11 AM, parked along the main drag of hotels, surf shops, knick knack stores, and restaurants. The beach has beautiful, fine yellow sand with black pigments in it. Even at this hour, we had to keep our sandals on till we got to the water line. The beach has a slopping water line caused by the waves. We walked along, picking up interesting rocks and sea glass, watching the surfers and boogie boarders negotiating the waves. Once in a while we would cringe as one would fall in the crashing waves but they would always pop back up like a cork. It does not seem like the sea floor is very deep and most of the time they could stand up at waist height in the waves. We walked to the look-out to get a view of Playa Principal where the fisherman beach their boats and bring in the daily catch. On the next point we could see the lighthouse.

We walked back to where we had entered the beach, rented a couple of palapas with a sunshade for 50 pesos (5$ CAD) and spent the day at the beach. We had a light lunch of sandwiches and pineapple to go with our Coronas (5 pesos each - 1.50$ CAD). Once in a while, someone would stop by our chairs and try to sell us some jewelry, hammocks, or fruits. They were very nice and not pushy. A simple ?no gracias? with a smile was all it would suffice, unlike some touts Iīve experienced in other countries.

When it got too warm we would wade into the ocean to cool off. We couldnīt swim though since itīs a very dangerous area and swimming is not allowed due to a strong undertow and riptides. I could feel the waves trying to push me off my feet as they would come and go. Often you would get counter-currents that would catch you by surprise. All in all it was a great day.

Unfortunately, Kevin and I got too much sun. I applied massive amounts of SPF 15 and 30 all day but to no avail. My shoulder and my nose are now red. I guess it will mark me as a new arrival to the locals. As if my my white canadian skin wasnīt enough of a tip-off! Kevin has been burned from head to toe because he waited before applying his first coat.

For supper, we returned to the apartment for night of playing cards, catching up and applying ice and Vitamin E to our red skin.