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Day 2 - Huatulco

Written on: Sunday March 19th, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


In the morning, we woke up to wonderful sunshine and a beautiful view of the roof tops of Huatulco. We got dressed early (in the same clothes we were wearing the previous day), met up with tante Annette and uncle Leo for a very good breakfast of Oaxacan Tamales with the local Mole sauce for me and a plate of some kind of mixture of tortillas and chicken for Kevin. It was so good!

We checked out around 11 AM for our drive to Puerto Escondido (about 2 hours) from Huatulco. During the drive on Hwy 200, we felt like we were on the Mattawa shortcut for those who know what it is. The road winded up and down the Sierra Madre mountains with topes (speed bumps) appearing every once in a while to drop our ribcage to our hip-bones. On the way to Puerto Escondido, we passed a sign for the Huatulco airport so I got the idea that maybe we should stop in to see if there was an update on our lost bags. As we were walking towards the office, an airport worker came out carrying our bags. Perfect timing! They had just arrived and he was going to put them in storage for the flight to Puerto Escondido the next day. We were so relieved to have them, we could finally change out of our warm clothes and running shoes and into shorts and flip-flops. Yeah!

The remaining drive to Puerto Escondido was great, what a beautiful area. Rolling hills as far as the eye can see, the color of wheat since itīs the dry season. Once in a while we would drive by a ravine with a dried out river bed. This area must be vibrant green with lots of flowers during the rainy season. We finally got a glimpse of the blue pacific ocean a few minutes before arriving in Puerto Escondido. Happy smiles all around!

The first thing we did when we arrived was to drive along Playa Zicatela to admire the huge waves as they crashed and to try to glimpse a view of the surfers that were out on them. Zicatela is a long wide beach of yellow sand that ends with huge rolling waves crashing at itīs edge. The sound was music to our ears.

We then drove to my auntīs apartment on Benito Juarez avenue near Carrazilillo beach. Itīs what she calls ?rustic charm?. She lives on the second and third level of a house owned by a nice man named Carlos. Her bedroom is on the second floor then she takes a set of stairs on the outside of the house to get to the third floor where her living area (kitchen, dining, living) are located. There are no windows and itīs open to the outdoors except for a roof. Kevin and I instantly fell in love with itīs charm. Our room was on the bottom floor in the back, we have a nice room with a double bed, a couch and a private bathroom with the most wonderful cold water. Itīs a great feeling to take a cold shower after being outside in the sun all day.

We quickly unpacked, took a long shower, and got changed into our beach clothes. We all went to Carrizalillo beach for a soak in the ocean. This is a lovely beach. You have to climb down 167 stairs (my aunt counted them) to the beach. It was slightly windy and there were great waves to float on back and forth. The water was so warm. This was our first time in Pacific ocean, what a difference compared to the cold Atlantic ocean. We got some great pictures that weīll share another time since the internet cafe that we are at does not have a SD card reader for us to upload our pics.

For supper, we went to a little restaurant called ?El Nene?. I had the fish special: Pescado al aji (fish and garlic) that is served with a baked potato and a salad of onions, tomatoes, and avocados. It was delicious. Kevin ordered the Taco Pollo (chicken taco). They were much better than the ones we make at home with the MexiCasa mix. Thereīs no going back to that stuff anymore.

Afterwards, we were exhausted. My cold was getting to me too. So we crawled into our bed for the next 5 nights and fell asleep to the sound of the wind in the palm trees.