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Lazy days in Paraty Photos


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A hummingbird that was around all the time at the hotel

The streets of Paraty

High tide had been a few days earlier and the streets were still slightly wet. You can see how high the sidewalks are in comparison to the middle of the street

A hammock seller

The church Capela de Santa Rita square

Capela de Santa Rita

One of the few modes of transportation allowed in the historic old town

The little pony that grazed the grasses in front of the church

Kevin standing on one of the tide bridges. This is where the water flows in and out during high tides

View of the bay from the end of our street

Our street at night, during the week. During the week-end, there's no room to move

Dancing Capoeira,

The large group of people out and about at night, looking at shop windows, enjoying the restaurants and the respite from the humidity

The butterfly seller



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