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Oh, look dinosaurs! Photos

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This was a band filing a music video for one of their songs. The old man in the left randomly wandered in while they were filming.

A small market a block from our hotel

Getting ready to ride the DinoTruck

The working cement factory and mine

Welcome to DinoLand!

Ceratops: Lived 130 million years ago, was a herbivore and was mostly found in the northern hemisphere.

Plesiosaur: Lived 200 million years ago, fed on fish, and grew up to 16 meters long

Baurusuchian: Lives 200 years ago, was a carnivore, and grew to a length of 2.5 meters

Meiolanid Turtle: Lived 80 million years ago, was a herbivore, and grew to a length of 2.3 meters

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