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Wine and Pisco Tasting Photos

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The old way the grape juice was pressed

Look at the size of this tree!

The vines of Tacama winery

The unused red grape skins are crushed and spread on the ground to reduce dust

Where the wines are still stomped by feet

Once the stomping is done, this press squeezes the remaining juice from the gathered grape skins

A mango tree

The old fashion clay pots for the wine storage

This is how they are carried once full

Where the name Pisco is from... Piskos was the Quechua word for these containers. The spanish took it to mean the drink.

Where the Pisco is poured after fermentation

The large ovens that heat the liquid

The vat for the distillation process. It is filled with cold water to cool the vapours

Where the distilled Pisco is poured

Purple corn used for Chicha Morada

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