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The ruins of Ingapirca Photos

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The village of Ingapirca

Another ceremonial sacrifice stone

It was really cold

Difference between the Cañari and Incan building styles

Another example of a aquaduct

The left-over stones that couldn't be matched. The long one is a doorway support stone

Standing in one of the Incan rooms. It is believed the royal line of the Incas were tall based on door heights.

During solstice, the sun shines directly through this doorway

The walls of the Temple of the Sun

The pillow-shaped, tight fitting stones of the temple

The stone was removed by grave robbers who though there might be treasure buried inside the temple.

View from the Temple of the Sun

One of the whisper doorways.

The other doorway

One side of the Temple of the Sun. This one had 4 windows

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