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11:00 p.m.

Written on: Friday March 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: The Pit Pub

  The night started off as a success. Good friends, an abundance of malibu and pinapple, multiple games of 31... but then the adventure lead us into dangerous waters. The number 9 took us far out of our comfort zone... also known as anywhere east of Oak street. We met a plump little old man who attempted to supply 'tobbaco' to us (or at least that's what we think he was saying)... and another who quite possibly attempted to knock my head off of my shoulders. The later was of most interest to us as he philosophized about death and finished by exclaiming "do you know how many child molesters are on this bus? AT LEAST 20-30!" Then he pushed a girl and ran off the bus.

With my vast knowledge of psychology I diagnosed him Schizophrenic with delusional tendencies.

long story short, we ended up at the Pit.


From avril on Mar 12th, 2007

wow, what an adventure to the pit pub! i wish i had been there... oh wait, i was. maybe my favourite part was the crazy guy on the bus. or gabi's dance moves! xoxo