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An idea

Written on: Tuesday December 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Random Musings about being Away

Part of my reasons for this trip where to learn a bit about myself, get rid of some of the materialism i've become accustomed to and to not plan too much!

Also i wanted to still have some ongoing interaction with the friends and family i'm leaving at home, the friends i'm yet to (hopefully) meet on the road and those people whom I dont know but may still come across this travelogue. Well the way for me to make this as interactive as possible is to let you, the reader, decide on my experiences.

How can you do that? Well along the way, at each destination i visit i'll be looking at moving onto more than one place, and i'm going to let you decide where! So as an example, lets say i'm in Thailand, you can choose whether i travel overland to Cambodia or take a flight up to the Philippines!

Whats more, i'm also going to leave the experiences I have in your hands too:- Eg while in Cambodia, you will decide if i spend the day exploring the temples of Angkor-wat and visiting the Killing Fields or alternatively head to the Northeast of the country and spend some time with the Hill Tribespeople.

Whatever - its all in your hands. You think that i should be doing something i'm not? Feel free to make a suggestion - it might make it onto the next poll.

so whether you just have fun filling in surveys? Or are you someone who gets a bit of pleasure from having a say of what others do? Maybe your just a bit of a sadist! Whichever is true please vote, please suggest.