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Furthest South - Crescent City, California

Written on: Sunday April 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: Roadtrip!

Took awhile to find an internet cafe, then it shut down and lost our first blog of this version... which was much wittier. So laugh more at this one.

April 25th, Travelled to Kimberley, had dinner with my (Kenny's) parents, and absconded with some groceries. Got to witness first hand Dad's camo do-rag brought back from Hawaii.

April 26th, After a much needed oil change, travelled south. Crossed the border smuggling 2 pieces of pepperoni and some venison, surprisingly waved right through. Hit up Spokane, hoping to get some Starbury II's, but they were definitely sold out (Sorry Alan). Got back out of the city, and headed down the I-90 to the Pothole State Park for the night. It was much more pleasant than the namesake found in all Cranbrook roads.

April 27th, Long ass day of travelling south, down highway 97 all the way to Fort Klamath, on the edge of Crater Lake National Park.

April 28th, Started the day by purchasing fuel from a one armed gun smuggling doughnut maker.... who loves Canada. Headed up to Crater Lake. Absolutely amazing place, the pictures should do it some sort of justice. Snow was well over 7ft high still, end of april. Then followed the Tour-de-Waterfall. Clearwater, Whitehorse, Watson, Toketee, and Susan Creek. All within a 40 mile stretch of highway 138.... and we skipped some. Headed to Stanley Park to bed for the night, a lovely wildlife location about 300 meters from the I-5. Enjoyed a bottle of InZinerator wine with dinner, the wine for superheroes. You need superhuman strength to stomach it.

April 29th (AKA Today), Ventured into California via a gigantic redwood forest... and have finally hit the ocean. Stay tuned.


From Alan on May 1st, 2007

awesome man! your trip sounds great. too bad about the starburys. have fun.