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2 weeks 'til go time

Written on: Monday April 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Roadtrip!

Just starting to realize the amount of planning that will be involved in the next couple weeks, which will provide a great distraction from all that so called 'studying'.

So the itinerary is, roughly..... very roughly;

April 25th: Heading to Kimberley after my last exam. Spend the night there and rob from my parents any feasible food matter for said trip.

April 26th - 27th: Do the largely dull portion of the trip, hopefully finding the occasion gem of a view, diner, or random dirt road.

April 28th - 29th: Crater Lake, California waterfalls, Mount Shasta

April 30th - May 3rd: Slow driving, lots of unnecessary exploring, a general wander up that massive body of water over there.

May 4th: Stop for a bit in Vancouver possibly, been awhile since I bombed around that area of BC.

May 5th: Rossland, Nelson area, see Katie's family and friends.

May 6th: Drive back to Calgary.... and the excitement of a spring semester.... We'll see if I actualy make it back.