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Josh Williamson

From: Burlington, VT, United States

Last Signed In: Over a year ago.

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About Me

Well what can I say about myself? I enjoy skating, snowboarding, traveling, computers, and the outdoors. I work as a network administrator for a relatively small school district in Burlington, Vermont, and will be finishing my B.S. in Computer Science Fall of 2007.

For the most part I?d describe myself as a fairly laid back person, only getting riled up from stupid people doing stupid things (yeah, I know I should elaborate). My goal is to make a difference in the world, though I haven?t quite figured out how. 


My current travel plans as of now are:

  • Christmas in Victoria, B.C. [12-19-07 to 1-8-07]
  • Traveling Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua [1-8-07 to 3-16-08]
  • South Korea (Seoul or Busan) for a year to teach English [4-1-08 to 4-8-09]
  • Relocate to Vancouver, B.C. [4-8-09]