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Saigon - round 2

Written on: Thursday December 22nd, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

I think Saigon just has it out for me... I have had a great time here both times, but something always goes wrong!!  We arrived yesterday on the night bus from Nha Trang and although we had to wake up at 5.45 decided to just power through and did some serious shopping.  We found Saigon's version of the Russian Market where all the clothes have "fallen off the back of a truck" from factories the likes of Banana Republic, New Look, Primark (hahah), Forever 21 and others.  We spent way too much money but I bought some amazing new winter gear and Sally got some work clothes she was much needing.  That night we went out and met a group of teachers who were living here and had some drinks with them, then when they left a couple Aussie guys came and sat with us and we had some drinks with them at that bar and several others.  I popped into a mini mart to grab a bottle of water and a moto came flying past and snatched my bag out of my hands... so there will be no photos with this album sadly.  Fortunately I had left my passport and credit cards at the hotel along with most of my cash, so aside from the camera (and thank god I backed up photos the day before!) all the thieves got was a hotel comb, a nearly empty Mac lipgloss, maybe a bobby pin or two and about $15 in cash.  Inconvenient, though!!  I loved my camera and we had taken (what we thought at least) were good photos last night.  Would have liked to have seen them without the beer goggles!  Today we met up with the guys from last night and snuck into a 5 star hotel and recovered from the previous night's adventures by the pool then will catch up with them for dinner and probably just a quiet night tonight as we all have to leave tomorrow... then it's the end of Asia for me!

It's been an amaaaazing 4 1/2 months - I wish I had 4 1/2 more months to spend here!!  I've seen some great things, met some amazing people and eaten some fabulous food.  Not to mention all the shopping, drinking and tanning!  I'll miss you, Asia!!!


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