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Nha Trang

Written on: Friday December 9th, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Weather aside, Nha Trang is awesome!  Great vibe, extremely cheap booze and cool bars and restaurants!  We arrived bright and early in the morning 3 days ago and got all ready for the beach but then it started to rain and continued on into the afternoon so we didn't get our beach time in :(  Instead we checked out some shops and just chilled out in a cafe with our books.  As I said, alcohol in Nha Trang is really cheap.... $1 for a double vodka and mix, $1.25 for a "jam jar" (Vietnam's version of the bucket).  So we had some double vodkas and then a jam jar at a bar by the beach but it wasn't a huge night.  Our second day we got up early and hit the beach until the rain started, then I went for a facial and we just chilled for the afternoon.  We had a massive night last night... too many jam jars and vodkas but it was fun!  Ended up meeting up with some people we met in Hoi An (who ended up being a bit weird, but fun nonetheless) and got home at 4am!  Today again was rainy so we went to the 3D movie theatre and just lounged on the couches and watched Tron Legacy and then met up with some of the girls we met on our Halong Bay trip for dinner!  Now off to Saigon!