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Written on: Wednesday November 30th, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Mom and I had a good few days in Bangkok, but it's still not my favourite place.  The hotel we stayed at was pretty terrible.  The rooms were cheap and nice, but everything else was outrageously expensive and their pool was broken, so we had to get a shuttle to another hotel if we wanted to swim and had to book it 2 hours in advance, so very inconvenient.  That aside, it was 33 degrees and really hot, so we spent most of our days just relaxing by the pool.  We also did a lot of shopping!  We went to the weekend market at the end of the skytrain line which is the biggest outdoor market in the world.  I bought nearly an entire new winter wardrobe for less than $100 (score) at Siam Square and Victory Point.  We ate some amazing street food and had dinner at some nice restaurants as well.  For a belated 30th birthday celebration we went to Dome at the State tower which is a restaurant/bar with 360 degree views of Bangkok from the 63rd floor - amazing!!