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Chiang Mai

Written on: Friday November 25th, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Chiang Mai has been awesome! We have had a great time here and tried to stay longer, only couldn't get accommodation!

 Our hotel came with many free massages, so we started our time here with a traditional Thai massage and a foot massage, then went shopping at the night bazaar.  We were at the night bazaar for a few hours and didn't even cover half of it; it's massive!

 We booked a fantastic tour for a day which consisted of a butterfly and orchid farm first (which was ok but not amazing), then elephant riding (of course cool!).  our elephant was 45 year old and named Poupay.  After we rode the elephants we stopped for lunch and did an hour jungle trek to a waterfall.  After we walked back we went white water rafting and then bamboo rafting, which was rather bizarre as the raft was below water level and kept tipping side to side!  I was surprised no one fell off!  Needless to say we were soaking wet after!  On the way back we stopped quickly at a small village.  Of course again we went to the night bazaar last night and still didn't manage to see the rest of it!  However I think we're both night bazaar-ed out!  Hahah.

 Today we took a traditional Thai cooking class.  It started with a trip to the market and lesson on Thai herbs and spices.  Then we cooked papaya salad, tom yum soup (Mom did with prawns, I did with chicken), Phad Thai (of course), traditional Chiang Mai curry noodle soup and for dessert sticky rice with mango.  Yum!  This afternoon we just relaxed by the pool and got massages and facials.

 Tomorrow we are off to Bangkok!