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Written on: Monday November 7th, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

First off, we stayed at an amaaaazing place in Battambang called La Villa - possibly the nicest place any of us have ever stayed!  The pool was beautiful, the restaurant delicious and we got upgraded to the manager's personal suite, so had more space than we needed!  There's not a lot to do in Battambang town (by not a lot I actually mean nothing) so we hired a tuk-tuk and went out into the countryside.  The first thing we did was ride a bamboo train 7km into a rural village where they make bricks.  It was a crazy journey and there was only one track although "trains" went both ways.  When trains in opposite directions approached each other both would stop and the drivers would pick up one and move it behind the other one so both could carry on.  After the bamboo train we went to a winery which sounded like a nice idea, but was truly terrible!  The red wine tasted like grape juice and the brandy was just an experience no one needed to have!  After that we checked out some cool temples and then headed back to our hotel.  The next morning we were on the boat to Siem Reap bright and early.  The boat is meant to be one of the highlights of Cambodia.  We went through some villages untouched by Western influence as well as some floating villages.  Very cool!