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Written on: Tuesday October 25th, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Work is finished, Cambodian visa renewed... travel time!  My first stop was the Mondulkiri province, about 7 hours from PP.  The town isn't much (one main drag with restaurants and guesthouses) but there's a lot to do around the town. 

My first day I hired a local guide who took me to 3 minority villages, which was very interesting.  The people living in the villages are very poor - they can't even afford rice, so mix it in with corn they have grown themselves.  They have rice fields, but they are very small - only 100m x 100m.  They are very superstitious and once they have cleared the rice field someone will sleep in it and if they don't have a good sleep it's not a good place for the rice field and they will start all over again.  Unfortunately this has caused some concern about the forest in the future!  We also went to a couple of waterfalls and through the mountainside, which was very beautiful!

 Day 2 was elephant trekking!  My guide from the previous day took me to a local village that has elephants and we set off through the jungle to a waterfall.  At the waterfall we had lunch, swam and relaxed for a few hours while the elephants were free to roam and have their lunch, then the elephant "drivers" brought the elephants into the water and we gave them a bath in the river before trekking back.  Amazing fun!