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Written on: Friday September 23rd, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

After an epic journey I finally made it to Sihanoukville.  I left Trat at 8am and had to wait nearly 2 hours at the bus station for a minibus.  The minibus took me to the border, which was approximately an hour or so away.  Once at the border I had to find a moto-taxi driver who would take me to the bus station.  Although I had prepaid for the journey they still tried to scam me extra money to pay for the tolls and of course wanted a tip on the way home.  I was told that I would be in Sihanoukville by 4 or 5pm, however the weather was bad and the bus was moving very slowly.  I also had to change buses.  I arrived in Sihanoukville around 6pm.  The entire time I was in Sihanoukville it more or less poured with rain.  There wasn't much to do besides hang out in the hostel.  Luckily I met some cool people to keep me entertained.  We did venture out to the market, which was an interesting experience and other than that, not much!  I took a few photos during a brief break in the rain, but nothing too spectacular happened here!