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Gili Air

Written on: Friday August 26th, 2011

A journal entry from: South East Asia

The Gili Islands were incredible - had such a great time!  We stayed on Gili Air the whole time and had our own bungalows on the beach for about $15/night.  Unfortunately it was on the west side so the tide was always out and we had to go to the east side to swim but it wasn't too far.  Fortunately, however, we were on the sunset side so it was very beautiful each night!!  And it was really quiet, too - no chickens or mosques keeping us awake or waking us up at ungodly hours! 

The first two days we just went for a walk around the island (it's not very big - only took us about an hour/hour and a half to go all the way around) and then chilled out on the beach.  Eva wanted to do a dive and I wanted to do a snorkelling trip so we stopped in at the dive centre and she booked that in and got to chatting with one of the dive instructors who's from England and we were asking him about wehr we should go that night and he invited us out with the dive centre people, so we went and had some beers with them. 

I did a snorkelling trip the next day which was good - saw so many tropical fish and a couple of sea turtles as well!!  Yay!  We stopped at 4 different sites to snorkel and then had lunch on Gili Meno.  That night we went for dinner with the dive centre people again and then for a beer. 

 Our last day I got sucked into trying a dive, so did an intro to scuba in the pool and then went on a little dive.  We were diving for about 45 minutes I think, but only 12m.  Saw some amazing fish and corals and got really close to some massive turtles!  It was great!  I wasn't loving it at first, but once we were in the ocean I was able to relax and enjoy it.  Again went out with the dive centre people that night.  One of the guys had just gotten his dive masters and they were having a party for him - he had to do the snorkel test... put on a mask and snorkel and someone would pour a shit mix of booze in it.  They dressed him up in a ridiculous costume as well.  I'll let you know when the photos are up on Footstops and you can check it out!

Sadly we had to leave this morning and after about 8 hours of travel made it back to Padangbai.

** Photos for this journal start in Bangsal, the town in Lombok from which we got the ferry, also known as the "armpit of Indonesia."  Enough said.  It didn't warrant its own blog entry!