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Written on: Saturday April 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Easter Backpacking

Riga was by far the highlight of the trip.  We had a bit of an adventure on our last night out in Vilnius... we managed to get locked IN our hostel room at 3.30am when we got back from the club.  I had to ring reception and they came up and told us to use the keys... well, the lock was on the OUTSIDE of the door and from the inside it was broken - we weren't that drunk!!  Ended up Carmen and Casey took the doorknob off using a pair of tweezers and a nail clipper and then the maintenance man had to kick the door down!!  We were meant to be on a 7.30am bus to Riga but when the alarm went off at 6am we were still drunk so decided to forget it and slept a bit longer then got on the 1.30 bus.  Oops!

Our hostel, Friendly Fun Franks, was fantastic.... they had organized day trips everyday and pub crawls or clubbing every night.  The city is really chilled out and quite nice.  Easy to be at home there.  Carmen got so excited by everything that was planned for Riga that she cancelled her flight home and booked onto our flight to stay on the trip.  We got free drinks on arrival and made friends with one of the guys who worked at the hostel named James.  He gave us the low down on the city and we went for dinner then back to the hostel.  Our roommate was this American girl called Mariah... looked like a sensible straight up kind of girl (mwahah) but had a bit of a wild streak.  We spent the night in our room with this Swedish guy Casper who worked there just pissing around and him and Mariah were playing guitar and we were all having drinks.

First day in Riga we just saw the city... Old Town and New Town.  We went to this bar called Skyline Bar which is the real trendy place to go and had cheap ass cocktails while looking out over Riga.  Managed to get pissed by early evening (we did start at 3pm...) and went back to the hostel to chill out with Casper and James while they worked (suckers).  Had dinner and a sleep, then went to a club in Old Town with the people from our hostel. 

Big sleep in on Day 2 and went to the Museum of Occupation which was all about the Soviets and Nazi Germany occupying Riga from 1940 onwards.  Very interesting.  Riga used to be a Jewish Ghetto in WWII.  Afterwards had some coffees, dinner, drinks.  Back at the hostel we played drinking games before going to a club in New Town with the hostel.  We met these hilarious guys from Leeds and ended up dancing to cheezy 80s music all night.

Yesterday we were pretty spent so being the lazy asses we are went to the cinema (because movies are shown in English with Latin and Russian subtitles.  Sweet).  And that about finished off Riga!

The best part about Riga is that because flights there are so cheap, it would cost us less to fly to Riga on a Saturday morning, go clubbing and stay in a hostel Saturday night then fly back to London on Sunday than it would for one night out in London.  Hmmm.... future weekend plans.....!!


From Bryan Rite on Apr 16th, 2007

Awesome, i'm glad they're working out (the photo tools). And if you do have any videos, if you upload them to google video or youtube its very simple to add them to your posts now (there are little buttons in the editor)