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Gdansk & Sopot

Written on: Saturday April 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: Easter Backpacking

The Tri-city region of Poland sounded nice.  Seaside resorts and the likes... not so much the case.  After a 6hr train ride from HELL (including paying more than we were supposed to for our tickets and being told that the no smoking sign actually means yes smoking and therefore moving carriages 3x) we arrived in Gdansk.  We managed to walk smack into the wrong side of town... ghetto council flats lining the streets, police cars, etc....  We were wandering aimlessly trying to find our coordinates on the map when a kind stranger interrupted us and told us we were in a very unsafe area and walked us to our hostel.  Awwww.

The hostel was a bit seedy.... but at least we had our own room.  The "main drag" or Royal Walk of Gdansk was quite nice - lots of beautiful architecture, but not really anywhere open to eat at 9pm.  Hah.  We ended up just wandering around the city for a couple of days before deciding to get the hell out and go to Vilnius.

We found that there was an overnight bus to Vilnius so we decided that would be the logical choice.  Well, from my experiences in Poland, those who work in the public sector have no respect for nayone who doesn't speak Polish.  We inquired at the information booth at the rail station where the bus depot was.  Our reply: NEIN.  Hmmm.... Asked at a ticket booth... NEIN.  Asked some randoms on the platforms: NEIN.   Aargh!  FINALLY after about 8 rejections a kind stranger pointed us in the correct direction and about an hour later we had our tickets.

Because the bus wasn't til 8pm, we decided to day trip to a town called Sopot which is a seaside resort and has Poland's longest pier.  Nice restaurants, nice cafes, long pier, lots of construction, not much to do.  Snapped a few photos, ate some food, and headed back for our bus.

The bus ride of course was hell.... uncomfortable seats.  12 hrs instead of 10... but we made it to Vilnius!