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Written on: Wednesday September 6th, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

So we thought this time we would be thrifty and instead of spending money to reserve the beds on the overnight train (?66 on top of what we had already paid for our passes!) we decided to just sleep in the seats. On the previous overnighter train, the seats were like airplane seats with more leg room - enough so that we could sleep on the floor. And steal of a deal for 6 swiss francs. Or so we thought. What we actually got was a regular commuter train. Brown and yellow decor from the '70s, smoking permitted, and dirty. Not exactly what we were expecting! And 13 hours to go.... ended up we dragged out our sleeping bags and there was a space between the seats just wide enough for me to squeeze into (someone else had to put my pillow under my head) and slept there... almost like being mummified or something. It was absolutely terrible. Woke up in the morning to a train full of commuters!! It was packed out with people on their way to work or wherever they were going! I felt like such a hobo crawling out from under the seats, packing up my sleeping bag, wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and going to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Can I just say - WORST SLEEP EVER!!!

So Budapest. Fantastically cheap!! We ate 3 course meals with drinks for the equivalent of about 10. Fantastic! Did some shopping (although in hindsight, I think it was the cheapest place we went - with the exception of Turkey, and I should have done more shopping!), and of course sight-seeing. The Heroes Square was cool, but aside from that, I didn't think Budapest was that amazing. The guy from our hostel took us to some bars, but nothing special. So we pretty much just ate for two days! Hah.