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Written on: Saturday September 2nd, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

After we had our fun at La Tomatina, we packed it up and took an overnighter train to Interlaken, Switzerland.  We had big plans of kayaking on some river somewhere, and going up Jungfrouch (or however you spell it - I know it's not like that!)... turns out we did neither of those.  Couldn't justify spending $150 to go up to the top of a mountain when it's not like I've never been up a mountain before!!  Instead, we had a bit of a time out.  Chilled out at the hostel, which was quite cool - a huge outdoor common area, foozeball, table tennis, and a nightclub.  Took the train into the countryside and checked out the Swiss country, which is beautiful.  Partied it up in the hostel for a bit, then moved along.