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Rockin' the Kasbahs!

Written on: Monday April 14th, 2008

We woke up at 6 this morning and were ready to meet our guide at 7.  He showed up a bit late in a Toyota Land Cruiser... very nice.  I was expecting a real piece of shit - it is Morocco after all!  Our driver's name was Rashid and was really cool.  He only spoke French and Moroccan but between our bits of French knowledge we communicated alright!

We started off driving through the Atlas mountains, stopping to take photos of random stuff.  Amazing scenery!  We then stopped at a few kasbahs, which, thanks to Wickipedia we know are fortresses built on a hill!  The Clash song "Rocking the Casbah" was written in protest to the music ban in Iran, by the way.  Also information courtesy of Wickipedia!  We stopped for lunch, which was included in the price... salad, bread, tangine and fruit for dessert.  Then carried on and saw a few more kasbahs.

We decided on the way back that we wanted some wine to drink on the terrace, and since by now Rashid was our friend, he stopped at the bottle shop for us.  It was downstairs and hidden from view and fully of sleazy Moroccan men.  Casey and I had Moroccan men whispering sweet Moroccan nothings in our ear the entire time.  Hahah.  But we thoroughly enjoyed our table wine and the cous cous they cooked for us at the hostel!