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Written on: Saturday April 12th, 2008

Finally arrived in Marrakesh at midnight!! We had to haggle prices for a taxi and got one to the city centre. That was when things got a little challenging.... we got to the square and our directions were to ask someone where the street was. The square had all shut down for the night and there were only real seedy fuckers around asking us if we wanted a guide so they could make a bit of money. We found a policeman and asked him where we had to go and he said the area was too dangerous for us to go on our own. We rang the hostel but there was no answer. Since we didn't want a seedy Moroccan man with no teeth to guide us we decided we'd brave it and just go for it. After a couple of dark alleys and no sign of the street we needed we found another policeman and he escorted us along with a security guard down a dark alley to where the reception of the hostel was and the hostel guy took us to where we needed to be.

Our first day in Marrakesh we just stayed around the square and explored. There were all kinds of fascinating things... a completely different world. There were loads of cars, horsedrawn carriages, scooters, donkeys pulling carts and men pulling carts. There were snake charmers, acrobats, dentists (people used to just get their teeth pulled on the side of the road!), henna tattooers (didn't get one), medicine men (all kinds of interesting remedies including animal heads!), loads of people begging for money, etc. We just took it all in and had lunch on a terrace overlooking the madness. The markets were unlike any I'd ever seen. Knock off hand bags, shoes and wallets, woven items, tanneries, spices, etc. Amazing. We decided we'd suss it all out and then shop on our last day. For dinner we went to a buffet of all you can eat Moroccan food and gorged ourselves on tangine and cous cous.

Day 2 in Marrakesh we went to the train station and looked into getting a train back to Tangier. We also stopped at a bottle shop and picked up a couple bottles of wine to drink while watching the sun set. We ran out of wine (catastrophe!) and it can't be purchased in the old town. Casey and Angie went to go ask the guy who ran the hostel if there was anywhere nearby and he ended up taking them to his "palace" (as we called it... just the fancier bit of the hostel) and then they came back to pick us up where there was tangine and champagne awaiting! Our "prince" fell asleep and us girls had a silly photo shoot with some hats that we found on the terrace and then left a note thanking him for our "bon nuit." Heheh.

We also booked a tour for tomorrow into the Atlas mountains... 28 each for a private guide with a 4x4 so we're off to rock the kasbahs!