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Written on: Wednesday April 9th, 2008

Made it to our hostel in Porto around 10.30 yesterday morning.  It was pouring rain when we got there and we were going to sleep straight away to make up for lost hours.  The second I got on the flight I passed out and the two hours on the plane was just not enough sleep!  However, the beds weren't made up, so instead we showered and cleaned up and decided to explore.  We went down by the water, which is lined with cafes and port breweries.  We had a nice coffee in the sun, then went for lunch and by that time the rain started.  We hid in the cafe for a while, but the rain showed no sign of letting up, so we made a dash back to the hostel and napped for a bit.  When we woke up the rain had subsided a bit, so we went across the water to drink some port!  Angie arrived, and we had a few drinks and snacks before heading to bed.  Today we just explored the city some more and are heading to Lisbon!