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Written on: Tuesday September 12th, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

As of now we are in Krakow, Poland. It's a pretty crazy city... more bars per square kilometer than any other city in Europe. Unfortunately we are here on Monday and Tuesday nights which aren't the best for going out. Our hostel is wicked, though. The guy who owns it takes us out to pubs and stuff each night. Last night was pretty quiet, and today hopefully will be a busier night out. Sally is going to ask him now when we are going out and what's going on. 9pm. Just heard. LOL. Ummm yeah. So Krakow... there's not a ton here... the atmosphere is really laid back and it's a university town so there are a lot of young people around. The shopping is really good (I have spent a fortune) and it is cheap as to eat and drink. Pretty cool. The Jewish quarter of the city is also where Schindler's List was filmed. We have been pretty much just eating, drinking, and wandering around the city. Everyone is pretty lazy and we're not doing museums or anything. Could have gone to Auschwitz which would have been wicked but just poor planning led to it not happening.  We had our first really bad train experience.... we were on this dodgy as Polish train and even though it was grimey and filthy as it was first class (apparently there was a sign taped to the door in Polish saying that... so glad I can read Polish and all... LOL) and painted on the door it said second class. The ticket inspector took our tickets away and wouldn't give them back until we paid the fine. We had JUST gotten into Poland and had NO zlotna at all on us so we were panicking a bit.... tried to explain this to him and he was just like, "Too bad. You must pay." And just shrugged his shoulders. Clearly he's not getting laid. Asshole. JP had some euro so we were able to pay in that, but it was a bit of a panic moment!!  Other than that, though, it's all cool!