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Written on: Saturday August 26th, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

Friday night we checked into our hostel, cleaned up (it was so hot on the train the a-c did nothing.  I didnīt even realize that it had a-c to be honest so we were pretty nasty) and then we went to this strip of clubs along the beach.  Awesome night.... did not spend a single cent because they lure you in with free shots or drinks.  Pretty weak for the most part but after a shitload of them it does the trick. 

We had to swap hostels on Saturday morning (just Sal and I coz we were a bit disorganized as to what we were going to do once here) and were still drunk when we woke up and missed the check out time.  Thank goodness the guy cut us some slack.  Hahah.  Didnīt even think about getting a city map to get us to our next hostel (yeeeah I am so smart sometimes) but ended up finding it anyways. 

Saturday night we went on a pub crawl.... it was funny but the talent that was out was pretty weak.  Still, though, Sally and I got back to ours at 5am.  Clocked in a solid 4hrs of sleep and I think, again, woke up drunk yesterday.

Yesterday we met up with the others and went to do the trains.... that took ages and we had to pay a fuck load of money to get everything sorted out.  Not cool.  We had to pay 67 euros as well to get to Switzerland which effing sucks.  This is just the reservation fee as well.  Lameo.  Afterwards went to the beach, took a little siesta and went down to the clubs that we were at the first night in Barcelona.  On the way home Sally and I managed to get incredibly lost... walked in the total wrong direction and saw a new side to Barcelona.  Hahah.  I have no idea how we did it either because we do that walk everyday from the othersīhostel to ours.... soooo stupid!!

This morning we had to change hostel rooms which sucked coz it meant that we had to be up before 10.  I just went to Sephora and got some stuff and we are going to go meet the others to finish our shopping for La Tomatina.  La Tomatina is a tomato throwing festival in a little Spanish town.  Hah.  You are supposed to wear white with a red sash around your waist so we bought these cheap and nasty 5 euro white pants and are going to buy goggles (they actually are reccomended... the photos for this event look like madness) and we want to find red shower caps just to be douche bags.  Hah.  But yeah... massive tomato fight.  We have no accomodations booked there or anything so might have to end up sleeping in the park.  Ugh.

Anyways that is about the extent of it for now....