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Written on: Saturday August 5th, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

Santorini is the "pretty" island... we hired a car and drove around, as it is also quite big.  We stayed at a hotel which was really nice (appearance and room-wise anyways... I'll get to the rest later!).  We saw all the main sites and took tons of photos but because it was a Sunday night there was NOTHING going on at any of the clubs.  They had all shut down by midnight.  We had to catch the overnght ferry last night and when I went to check out of our hotel they told me that they do take plastic but the old lady there didn't know how to work the machine.  Ok fair enough.  I walked down to the ATM - out of order.  Walked down to the next out - out of order.  Walked back up to the first one and waited AGES.... still no go (it was supposed to be fixed in 20mins).  So went back to the hostel and the lady was NOT happy with me and the fact that I didn't have enough money.  She told me it was not possible (well actually it was, biotch!).  Ended up scrounging enough money together.  She was doing all the calculations pencil and paper and adding everything up WRONG and over-charging us and wouldn't listen to us at all when we tried to correct her, so I had to go down to the internet cafe and print out our booking reference sheets and everything to avoid getting ripped off... and then she had the nerve to make ME feel like the criminal... double and triple counting all the money and re-doing all the calculations (despite the fact that I had done them on a calculator in front of her).... we wer SO glad to get out of there in the end!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!  But the black beaches were nice.  Although not as black as I thought that they would be!