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Czeching out Cesky Krumlov... the random detour across the country!!

Written on: Thursday February 21st, 2008

A journal entry from: Czeching out

So we made a terrible discovery... which led to quite a nice adventure... there are no hostels in Brno where we are flying out of!!  So after a big panic, we ended up deciding to get a bus to Cesky Krumlov which is a medieval city and the way that the river bends around it makes it look like it's surrounded by a moat.  It's in the south-west of Czech.  Brno is in the east... so a bit of a mission.  We got the bus down here yesterday - it was about 2 1/2 hours.  I slept most of the way... last night in Prague we had this old lady who looked like  man in our room snoring like nothing I have ever heard before.  i tried sleeping with my iPod in and that didn't even block it out.  I don't think I properly slept until 7.30 when she checked out (bitch).  And then we were up at 9.

So we are having a random adventure in Cesky Krumlov... it looks like something that was designed for little girls and fairy tales really.... medieval and baroque style buildings all in Edward Scissor hands pastel colours.  Cobbled streets, a castle... it's absolutely amazing.  Asolutely beautiful.  And so relaxing.  We just wandered around the town yesterday and checked it out.  Just about everything closes at 6pm because it's off season and there are only about 6 people staying in our hostel.  There's an Aussie girl who's quite cool, an American guy who's quite cute (hahah) and a really annoying guy fron Norway who's got a stutter... we can deal with the stutter... it's the fact that it takes him so long to say something so boring that irritates me!  hahah.  So last night we went to this place called The Jailhouse with everyone from our hostel and haed a medieval BBQ and potato pancakes.  Delicious.  Then went to The Traveller's hostel which is aparently where everyone goes and just had a pint and some of this Czech liqueur.  We also got free beer at the hostel - they have free beer Wednesdays... LOL.  The food was amazing and the restaurant used to be a medieval prison.  REally neat!!  The Norwegian guy got outrageously drunk so we left him at the bar and came back and had some tea and just chilled out here, then the Norwegian came back and went on a big rant about how sissy we are because we wre going to bed and not carrying on the drinking.  LOL.

Today we checked out the castle and just drank lots of coffee and chilled out.  Getting the last bus out of here back to Prague.