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Czeching out Praha (the second time around!)

Written on: Tuesday February 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: Czeching out

We have arrived in Prague safe and sound!

Our flight was at 2.30 yesterday afternoon so Angie and I met in central London and got the train up to the airport. 

We got into Prague's airport just before 6pm and by the time we got to our hostel it was about 7.30.... partially my fault - I forgot to write down the part of the directions where we got onto the metro and just had that from the metro station it was a couple of left and right turns.  However, since I've been here before, I knew that we weren't where we needed to be!!  Hahah... oops.  So we were trying to look on this microscopic map at the metro station and then some other guy let us see his guidebook and we sorted it out.  My directions were brilliant once we had gotten off the metro at the right station!!  Hahah.
We were pretty tired last night so just went for a wander and out to dinner.  We had some really obnoxious English guys staying in the same apartment suite of the hostel as us - thank god not in the same room... but they'd been smoking up a storm and pissing it up for the last 4hrs... they went out and we opened some windows to try and sleep.  No luck, though.... a group of people went out and came back to carry on at the hostel - as I suppose one does.... and were debating philosophy until 5.30am!!  Aargh!  Hooray for 3hrs sleep.

We did pretty much just hard sight seeing today.  We were up early for free hostel breakfast (yay!) and then went and wandered around the castle.  We didn't bother paying to go in... it's really expensive and there are 3 tiers of tickets that you can get.... basically you can go through all the courtyards without paying.  if you want to see Franz Kafka's house and go in churches you pay more and there's another 2 tiers of tickets after that as well, i believe.  Last time I was in Prague I did Kafka's house and the Golden row and thought it was a bit of a waste of money, really... just to be allowed to walk past some houses.  lol.  You can also go into the knave of St. Vitus' cathedral for free, so good enough for me!!

After we did that, we went past St. Nicholas church and then to warm up with a coffee before heading back across Charles Bridge (which I got in trouble fo rclumbing up onto the railing bit to try and get a good photo... oops!) and heading to the astronomical clock.  On the hour a gold skeleton rings the bell on the clock and the windows open and there's a "parade" of the 12 disciples that go around while the bells chime.  Massive crowd to chck that out!!  Then wandered around the Jewish quarter before heading back to the hostel to warm up and eat something.  We ate lots of meat product - pate in the morning for breakfast on toast and sausages for lunch... heheh.

The weather here's alright - it was sunny and 4 degrees when we got in.  No snow.