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Written on: Thursday August 3rd, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

IOS - another party island.  We stayed in a campsite which was pretty insane.  It had two pools and two bars and was about 50m from the beach.  After our semi overnight ferry we showered up right away and hit the beach.  Spent the day on the beach and then went clubbing in the village.  The nightlife there was pretty typical for Europe.... bars start to get busy around 11 and clubs after 1am.  The big clubs don't start til 4am.  We ended up at some random bars and then a club but didn't last til the big clubs.  We were home by 4.30ish.  Our "tents" were basically dog houses with canvas tops and we woke up sweating...  I think I woke up the entire campsite throwing a temper tantrum about the heat.  The guys across from us were absolutely pissing ourselves laughing when I burst out of my tent with a string of 4-letter words for the heat in there.  LOL.  Again, we spent all of the day at the beach and by the pool.  Unfortunately that was also the day that I got sick.... massive asthma attack, and breathing was a struggle.  Sally really wanted to go out, but the boys were too hungover (haha) and I was finding breathing a struggle so we ended up going into the village for a bit but didn't do much.  Such an inconvenient time to get sick!!!  Neil ended up having an asthma inhaler which is so random because the only time he ever gets asthmatic is when he has hay fever and even then only sometimes, so the fact that he would have it was so random but it saved me what probably would have been a trip to the hospital!!!


From avril on Feb 21st, 2007

i want to go to greece!!! and all of europe, for that matter!