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Written on: Wednesday August 2nd, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

PAROS - from Mykonos we caught a ferry to Paros where we stayed for a couple hours.  We actually missed our ferry because unknown to us, Mykonos has 2 ports... we we were stuck in the town for a couple of hours which originally we had the shits over, but ended up being okay.  Didn't do too much exciting while waiting for the ferry, although my suitcase did get runover by a van.  Hahah.  Not happy.  Major toiletry explosion but other than that it was ok.  Paros was really tiny with NOTHING to do besides swim and cook on the beach so we did that but our ferry to Ios wasn't until 3.40am so we had a LOT of time to kill.  Basically played Uno til it was too dark to see and then slept on the beach for a couple hours.  We got on the ferry and just fell asleep on deck again in our sleeping bags.