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Written on: Tuesday August 1st, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

MYKONOS - we were originally doing 2 nights in Mykonos which is the party central of the islands and also most expensive.  We got there and were told we could just store our stuff at a campsite and sleep on the beach.  Got to the campsite - no go.  So we ended up booking a 2 person bungalow and snuck the boys in with us later on.  Hah.  The beach was lined with clubs either doing house/techno or r&b and people were just dancing and swimming.  Very cool atmosphere and the girl/guy ratio was definitely in our favor.  However, most of the guys were sleazy Italians.... I had guys picking me up and putting me over their shoulder while others tried to lift up my skirt as another held my arms (thank god for bathing suits!).  So after we tired of the molesting (didn't take long), Sally and I went and picked up some booze and got ready to go out.  The boys went soft and we ended up meeting these guys who bought us some drinks (which were all about 10 euro each!) and got us VIP wrist bands for this nightclub.  We ended up going to the club but the VIP area was a bit lame so we ended up just mingling around and met heaps of random people which was cool.  One of the guys who gave us the VIP wrist bands asked Sally if she wanted to go back and "listen to his iPod" for a while (bwahah) and when she declined we didn't see them again.  LOL.