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Written on: Monday July 31st, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

SAMOS - arrived and went to the travel info place.  They were awesome there and stored our shit for us for a bit and also arranged accomodations for us at a hotel that was quite near the beach.  It is just as cheap over here to stay in hotels as it is in hostels, so we have been having either two per room or 4 per room which is nice coz then we got our own bathroom!!  We ended up staying 2 days on Samos and basically just baked out in the beach and went swimming.  The Aegean sea is soooo nice and clean!!!  There was a "big" beach party allegedly happening which we went to but it was lame as... just people throwing water all over each other and dancing around to djs... and only about 15 people tops.  Some guy came up behind me with a big bucket of water and I just let him have it.... I had my hand bag containing mobile phone and camera... so basically told him that just because I was wearing a dry white top didn't mean I was dying to get soaked so he could take that water and you know how the rest of it goes.  LOL.  So nice beaches, zero nightlife.


From Bryan Rite on Feb 19th, 2007

I'm taking away the posting maniac award from Avril and giving it to you... awesome!