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Written on: Saturday July 29th, 2006

A journal entry from: Euro Trip

iI am having a great time so far.  We went to Troy today whıch was really interesting.  It is basically just ruins and our guide wrote the guide books on the city so he gave us a great tour.  We spent most of today after Troy on a bus to Kusadasi where we are now.  We are staying in this great guest house run by a family.... we had a home cooked Turkısh dınner whıch was amazıng and now they are doıng spoon dancıng (whıch ıs just what ıt sounds.... dancıng wıth wooden spoons).  I am keen to check out a club after but see how ıt goes.  The people here are so great.  Tomorrow we take a ferry to Mykonos and then the partyıng begıns!!