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Written on: Thursday January 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Wales

From St. David's we drove on to Cardiff.

I had heard great things about Cardiff nightlife... well - they were pretty much a lie.

After a not so nice dinner at a deceivingly nice looking restaurant, we decided that since it was only 9.30pm we'd hit up a pub and then later on go to a club.  When we walked out onto the streets, we were not prepared for what we saw!!  Drunken people were spilling out of restaurants and pubs heading towards the clubs.  Majority were absolutely trashed (already!) and since none of the clubs have coat checks, they also were not wearing jackets.  Some of the largest girls I have ever seen were wearing some of the shortest skirts and tiniest tops I have EVER seen!!  It was revolting!  We saw 3 fights or almost fights walking down the road.  Vomit in doorways.  Kebab wrappers littering what used to be clean streets.  I thought that maybe it was Halloween night, as there were grown men dressed up in batman suits and women much older than my mother dressed up as playboy bunnies in little tiny skirts and skanky tops.  Hah.  Hilarious, nonetheless.

We went to the impressionist museum the next day and saw Monet's "Waterlillies."  Then we visited Cardiff Castle, which was quite cool.  The guy who designed it did a lot of opium, and it definitely was reflected in some of the decor!!  Very well preserved!  No photos, though, as we weren't allowed to take photos inside.  So got some outside at the keep, then made our way back home.


From Bryan Rite on Feb 16th, 2007

Hey Jen! I'm glad you like Footstops! To get all your points on the map, just keep your entries in the same trip, each new trip starts a new map. I know how you enter and write journals and trips is a little confusing, i'm in the middle of re-writing that stuff so it'll be much easier to use, but in the mean time, i can move your journals around if you want so they all fall under the same trip. Leave me a comment if you're interested!

From Bryan Rite on Feb 16th, 2007

One more thing, if your search doesn't find a location (like St Davids), you can always just click on the map and manually set the location.

From Bryan Rite on Feb 18th, 2007

Fixed! Thats a small bug that i'll have to work out, thanks for letting me know!

From Bryan Rite on Feb 21st, 2007

How do you like the new way of adding journals and stuff? comments?