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Day Three

Written on: Wednesday February 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Estonia - February 2007

Last day in Estonia!

I am still of the belief that you don't really need more than 2 or 3 days to see a city (unless you are somewhere like London, Berlin, or Paris).  So today was pretty chilled out.

We went and took photos in front of the old KGB headquarters (watch out for plutonium 210 in your sushi!) and Sophie made snow angels.

Took more photos in the snow.   By noon were drinking mulled wine in the pub.  The mulled wine at this one pub was probably the most amazing mulled wine ever... full of alcohol soaked raisins and hazelnuts.  Who would have thought it would be so good.

Went to our favourite cafe (which really does have better coffee than Starbucks!).  It's downstairs in a cellar and we were the only English speaking people we ever saw in there.  Yay :)

Took a taxi to the airport and now here I am.

On another note, happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!  To celebrate, my flatmate and I treated ourselves to a sushi feast.  I swear it was the only restaurant in town that didn't have a set menu, and surprisingly it was amazing sushi.  OSUSHI is now my new favourite restaurant.  I think this may become a weekly tradition!


From avril on Feb 15th, 2007

lucky you, in estonia! i want to do eastern europe and the balkans sooo bad! about your mapping thing... i think b/c u have written entries under different trips. if u put all your entries under 1 big trip, it'll connect the dots. leave bryan a message on his footstops page, he can fix it. sorry i missed ur call the other day! xoxo

From Bryan Rite on Mar 1st, 2007

Congrats on being featured traveller! ;)

From Bryan Rite on Mar 7th, 2007

More trips and an upcoming 3 week trip? How do I get your job? Wanna trade? You're not secretly a software engineer are you...

From Bryan Rite on Mar 28th, 2007

Hey, I've added a bunch of photo management and organization tools, check em out when you add or edit your journals, I heard through the Avril vine you were asking about something like that. Lemme know how it goes.