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Day Two

Written on: Tuesday February 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Estonia - February 2007

Unfortunately we slept in way too late (which is why, again, 12hrs of clubbing before travelling is not a good idea!).

When we finally dragged ourselves out of bed and made it to the cafe, we decided that we wanted to go and check out the port and a Russian market. The Russian market was pretty dodgy... gave new meaning to the wrong side of the tracks. Hahah. Lots of little old people wearing fur coats and those Russian fur hats selling knitted woolly jumpers. Heheh. Didn't buy anything.

Then trudged through the slush to the port where we thought we would see some Estonian beach, as the Baltics are supposed to have beautiful beaches... but just a helicopter landing pad and a whole lot of nothing. Hahah. Made our way back into the city REALLY fast!!!!

Drank tea to warm up.... was only -8 or something, so "warm" according to the guy at our hostel. Hahah.

Did some more shopping... blazer for 10 - bargain :)

We discovered this amazing part of town where there are all sorts of old guild houses from the 11th and 13th centuries that have been turned into shops selling handcrafted goods and cafes. Absolutely amazing.

Estonia is also known for saunas and so we did a sauna at our hostel. Sooooo nice after the cold!

We had another amazing dinner (beef tartar for all of about 3!) and again tried to go to a bunch of bars to see if people were out, but no such luck. Called it an early night around midnight.