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Day One

Written on: Monday February 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Estonia - February 2007

Well, technically this is day two.

We arrived in Estonia Sunday night at midnight after our flight was delayed for an hour.

It was -10.5 degrees outside and we had to be the disorganized travellers who missed all of the taxis and had to sit out in the freezing cold while we waited to finish their drop offs and come back. Miserable.

At the time I thought that I had pink eye. Had been out clubbing the night before til 11am the next morning, two hours sleep and then off to the airport so was already feeling pretty miserable. To top it off, pussy pink eyes... Lovely. I felt pretty guilty going to the hostel and just my luck it had to all start off on the plane!! Gave my eyes a good scrub and planned to go to the hospital in the morning.

Next day bright, clear, snow, and still probably about -10 or something. Brrr. It was a winter wonderland outside and we went and took photos in the snow and checked out the architecture. Then of course, straight to the shopping mall. Everything in Estonia is sooo cheap compared to the UK... scarf for 2, sweater for 15, sunglasses for 10.

Then more walking in the snow. Checked out the town hall and some medieval towers and the likes.

By about 2pm we were in the pub drinking mulled wine to warm up. Hahah.

Unfortunately, Monday night in Estonia is not the night to go out. However, we had an amaaaazing dinner (pigs ears - hahah, streak, potato gratin with creamy pepper sauce) and lots of beer... then cocktails (since they are all about 1/4 the price). Tried to find somewhere to go out, but no such luck.