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Written on: Saturday August 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

Vikki and I got our dates wrong... we were supposed to go to Hvar today, not yesterday.  Our hostel was booked out but the guy put us into his neighbour's apartments which also happened to be cheaper.  We were thinking it was really classy as well.. nice beds and furniture.  Score!

 Most important things first... we went straight to a bar on the beach and drank a pitcher of Sangria and cocktails.  And that about sums up Hvar.

Unfortunately too much afternoon drinking meant no partying that night... hahah.  So we went back to our hostel and couldn't get into our room... the key just kept going straight through.  Ended up having to get the lady to open it up for us.. don't think she liked that much!  So we decided not to lock the door ever again.  Went for a shower, that was fine.  Vikki went for a shower and all I heard after was click, click, click of the key in the door.  Pause.  Click, click click again.  Pause.  Then a bit more of a panicked clicking and some banging on the door.  Locked in the shower!!!  There was no space between the door and the floor for her to pass the key out so this went on for about another 15minutes.  A lot of "fucking hell"s.... then a guy who was also staying there got involved... for another 5 or 10 minutes.  Until we realized that the window could be reached from the balcony so she passed me the key through and I got her out from the other side..... lucky girl!  Hahah.  Otherwise would have had to sleep there!  Too funny.

Got massively seasick on the ferry back and spent the time in the bathroom thinking I was going to be sick.  Wasn't, luckily....  We were actually going to go back to Hvar but ended up so ill that we couldn't do it!!  Hahah.