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Written on: Thursday August 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

We got into Split at around 9am yesterday and went straight to our hostel and slept as soon as we could check in.  Our hostel is great - it's near the bus station and the ferry port and has AIR CONDITIONING which is incredible.  It is also the cleanest hostel I have ever been in.  Everyone is really friendly as well.  So we slept, then went and checked out the town a bit, had a couple pivos and were contemplating calling it an early night because Casey had a flight to catch, when we ran into these two Canadian girls, Kate and Marissa that Casey had met in Bosnia.  We ended up going with them to this square where they had live music and just chatting.  I think that Vikki and I are going to go out clubbing with them tonight.  They're just going into their last year of university somewhere around Toronto.  LOL. 

We have decided that we are just going to stay in Split for our last week here.  It's really nice and chilled out.... kind of Italy meets Barcelona.  The people are friendly and it isn't too expensive.  We booked every night except for tomorrow because the hostel is full but he is going to let us leave our big bags there and we can take an overnight bag to Hvar (which is quite the party island) and spend a night there.

I lost my iPod somewhere along the way, which SUCKS (guess what my birthday money is going towards!!) and we found this internet cafe that sells English books and when you buy a book you get free internet so I bought the new Dick Francis book (well, new-ish... it's 2006).  So I think we are going to come everyday so I can buy a book.  Hahah.  I have read about 4bks this trip so far!!