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Written on: Saturday August 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

After Dubrovnik, we went to this island called Korcula which is apparently a great party island.  The island itself was beautiful and it was much cheaper than Dubrovnik.  Our hostel was really "snobby".... it is owned by this south African guy and you can't make reservations or anything, you have to get your bed on the day you want it, and it is the only hostel on the island (otherwise you stay in guest houses).  There were a bunch of young people on our bus so we booked it to the hostel and happened to get the last 3 beds.  2 girls that were on our bus got there after us and they got turned away.  However, we have also heard that he turns away people he thinks are unattractive, sooo....who knows.  We just wandered around the island and went out for dinner before heading back there.  There's a bar in the hostel with quite cheap drinks so we had a couple drinks there.  Vikki was smart and went to bed (hahah) and Casey and I met some of the randoms in the hostel.  We met an English girl who was really cool and some American guys who were disgraceful.  Then when we went to bed, our room, which was supposed to sleep 15 people was sleeping about 21... there were people sleeping on inflatable pool mats and at least 3 girls and guys in bed together... all of which were getting it on in the company of the people of the room.  It was absolutely revolting!!  We got out of there as quick as we could and went to Orebic!