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Written on: Wednesday August 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

We spent 3 nights in Orebic (actually pronounced Orebich - there's an accent over the c but this computer hasn't got it) and it is beautiful.  I think I could easily lose an entire summer there!!  It's just a tiny little port town with tons of beaches.  Ervin's family owns a set of apartments and we shared one with him and his sister Nina and the rest of his family (Dad, aunts, uncles, etc) stayed in the other apartments.  We basically just spent all of our days there lounging on the beach.  We walked about 20 minutes down to the beach and the trees came right to the water.  Up in the shade of the trees there was a bar/cafe so we would lay in the sun, swim and then head up to the bar for a coffee or a pivo (Croatian for beer) to escape the sun.  And since the bars don't serve food here we could bring our own food into the bar and make our sandwiches and stuff there.  And they let us sit for hours which was great.  So we just beached it everyday.  The beach was big pebbles and was so clean that we didn't even bring towels, just laid out on the rocks.  The water (Adriatic sea) is really clean and warm so we did tons of swimming.  

The first night we were there we just sat up talking.  Second night Ervin's family had a BBQ for his birthday.  His dad went down to the harbour and bought some mackerel from a local fisherman and BBQed it up for us with fresh crushed bay leaves, garlic and olive oil (it was soooo good).  Someone else made a squid dish, grilled peppers and grilled zucchini, fresh bread, and his sister and neighbour made a cake that was a vanilla sponge on the bottom, a big layer of custard, whipped cream and chocolate drizzled on the top.  Then to drink we had homemade wine.  Soooo good!!  Afterwards Ervin and I went for a night swim and there was a bit of a lightning storm so we watched the lightning before heading to bed.

Croatian food is a lot of seafood that's caught in the Adriatic sea but it is also really influenced by Italy and there is a lot of pizza (the nice, thin crusted with prosciutto ham and not too much cheese type) and pasta as well.  Dalmatia (the area of Croatia we are in) is also known for its ham and its cheese.

The last night there was hilarious.  There was this disco in town and we had bought this vodka that we didn't end up drinking the night before and even though we had to get the ferry to Split at 5.20am we decided that we would go out.... so we drank the vodka and then went to this disco.  There was NO ONE inside at all, so we just started dancing and eventually a bunch of people came in and were dancing as well.  We danced until 3.30am then walked back to the apartment and had showers, slept for half an hour and got the ferry.  By the way - the ferry was painful- seats that didn't recline and it was SO choppy!!  The girl in front of Casey kept running to the bathroom to be sick!  Ewwww....