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Written on: Wednesday August 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

So we finished up in Sarajevo this morning and are now in Mostar.  For our last day in Sarajevo yesterday we went on a city tour and learned more about what happened in the city during the war.  We started off at the Tunnel Museum which isn't actually an official museum.  During the war, an 800m long tunnel was built underneath the airport I believe in Sarajevo so that food, ammunition and other supplies could be brought into the city and also so that people could leave the city during the seige.  It was only 1.6m high and there were telephone wires, gas lines and electrical wires on the ceiling.  The digging started on both sides and they mad in the middle.  25m of the tunnel was left at the place where the digging started in someone's barn.  The "museum" visit consists ofa video about the war (basically just images of shellings and shootings) and then a walk through the barn looking at photographs, and then you can walk through the tunnel.

Afterwards we went to see the city hall, sniper alley, had traditional Bosnian food for lunch.  After lunch we went to see the library which was bombed during the war and over 2000 books were burnt.  Reconstructions are in progress right now but at the moment are stopped.  We then went to the place where Franz Ferdinand was shot in 1914.

Just hung out at the hostel last night as we had to be up at 5.45 to be on a 7am train to Mostar.  Mostar is very beautiful.  The famous bridge is 26m high and locals get the tourists to pay them to jump off of it.  They collect money and basically tease the tourists for aaages before they jump.  One jump took over an hour for the guy to actually do!!  What a way to make a living, though!!

The old town is all little cobbled streets and shops, but the shops are mainly selling crafts and souveneirs.  It is really touristy - actually too touristy.  We were shocked that at the mosque you were allowed in with short skirts and tank tops and did not have to take off your shoes.  You also had to pay (so I didn't bother).

It is scorching hot... well over 30 degrees and too hot to be comfortable even in the shade.  The heat combined with how touristy it is actually makes me not care too much for this place.  I think if we stayed on, we would have to day trip.  However we're not staying another night.

Tonight I think we may go to a bar/club called The Cave that is supposed to be quite good, depending on whether or not it has air con!  Hahah.  And tomorrow we are on the 12.30 bus to Dubrovnik!