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More Sarajevo

Written on: Monday August 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

Sarajevo has redeemed itself.... It is really cool here.. a lot of the buildings have been bombed out and are partially destroyed from the war.  A lot are also really rundown.  The old town is really cool... lots of little buildings where people are making and selling crafts, jewellery shops, clothing shops, shoe shops, and tons and tons of cafes!!  The food is fantastic and really cheap.

The food here is dirt cheap and quite good.  McDonalds hasnt been able to infiltrate Sarajevo due to the invention of cevapti which is a pita full of little sausages.  They eat it like it is going out of style... every cafe sells them just about.  And bureks which are like sausage rolls but in filo pastry. 

We met up with Ervin (a friend from home who happens to be here visiting family) and his cousins in the evening and went for some drinks with them.

Today we moved hostels to one that is much cheaper.  It is up on the top of a mountain and owned by a 19 year old guy.  Their house was destroyed in the war and they got a new house and are running a hostel out of it to help pay for it or something along those lines.  We spent today just lazing in the sun getting colour.  We were supposed to meet up with Ervin and his cousins and watch one of them play basketball but they got the time of the game wrong and when we got there it was over.  They were all going for a meal but we had already eaten and didnt want to intrude either (a lot was family and he did only arrive yesterday) so we went and got some groceries for breakfast and are now at the internet cafe!

Tomorrow we are going on a city tour with our hostel so will learn more about what happened here during the war.  The tour takes 4 or 5hrs and includes museum entry so thats ok.